About Us

The Center for Healing and Development, PLLC’s (CHAD) Mission is to lesson the burden of mental illness and psychological and emotional distress and to promote mental health, overall well-being and positive life outcomes through diverse, community sustained solutions.

CHAD is a mental health, wellness and psychological services company that provides quality, culturally-competent mental health, wellness and psychology related services to promote healing, growth and personal/professional development and transformation. CHAD offers a range of services that encourage and promote good psychological health and well-being. We recognize that mental health is the cornerstone of good overall health and quality of life.

“My name is Dr. Nicole Monteiro. I specialize in helping people to achieve deep and lasting personal transformation. My passion is guiding people to move past the challenges and hurdles that are stopping their progress and ability to thrive. I have worked with people experiencing trauma, depression, anxiety, mood problems, and more. I also work with people to clarify and manifest their life vision, leading to greater confidence, sense of effectiveness and competence, and readiness to act on their vision and dreams.”

Dr. Nicole Monteiro is a licensed psychologist and mental health expert. She first established Center for Healing and Development, PLLC (CHAD) in Washington, DC in 2007. Currently, CHAD is based in the Philadelphia area.

Dr. Monteiro has received extensive training in trauma and PTSD, global mental health and treatment with survivors of war and torture (Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma), long-term and brief psychotherapy (Columbia University) and group therapy (Washington School of Psychiatry – National Group Psychotherapy Training Institute).

Dr. Monteiro’s work has spanned the globe – figuratively and literally. She has worked with children through adults providing counseling and psychotherapy, psychological assessment and clinical supervision.

 In this capacity, she has worked in New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Maryland, Virginia, Grenada, Liberia, Bahrain, and Botswana in settings as diverse as schools, hospitals, juvenile detention facilities, university counseling centers and community clinics.
Dr. Monteiro has worked as an expert witness and consultant in cases involving child labor, immigration and asylum, disaster relief and traffic psychology. Her global mental heath research has focused on mental illness in developing countries, traditional healing treatments and cultural competence when working with diverse groups. She has obtained research grant funding to address important mental health issues domestically and internationally.
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